Henry Ford said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

Ocean Shores Networking will be offering these classes in the near future.

1. Networking Fundamentals

  • Course Content: Basics of networking, importance of networking, building a networking mindset.
  • Skills Learned: Understanding networking concepts, setting networking goals.

2. Effective Communication Skills

  • Course Content: Verbal and non-verbal communication, active listening, public speaking.
  • Skills Learned: Clear and confident communication, listening skills, engaging conversation.

3. Building Your Personal Brand

  • Course Content: Identifying unique strengths, creating a personal brand statement, leveraging social media.
  • Skills Learned: Personal branding, online presence management, consistency in messaging.

4. Social Media for Networking

  • Course Content: Using LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms for professional networking, creating effective profiles, content sharing strategies.
  • Skills Learned: Online networking, social media etiquette, content creation.

5. Networking Events: Preparation and Participation

  • Course Content: Preparing for networking events, what to bring, how to approach people, follow-up strategies.
  • Skills Learned: Event preparation, initiating conversations, effective follow-up.

6. Building and Maintaining Professional Relationships

  • Course Content: Strategies for maintaining connections, regular follow-ups, providing value to your network.
  • Skills Learned: Relationship management, long-term engagement, value creation.

7. Leveraging Networking for Career Advancement

  • Course Content: Using networks for job searches, career advice, mentorship, and professional growth.
  • Skills Learned: Career development, mentorship, job search strategies.

8. Cross-Cultural Networking

  • Course Content: Understanding cultural differences, building rapport with diverse groups, navigating global networks.
  • Skills Learned: Cross-cultural communication, empathy, global networking strategies.

9. Entrepreneurial Networking

  • Course Content: Networking for business opportunities, finding investors, building partnerships.
  • Skills Learned: Business development, partnership building, investor relations.

10. Introverted Networking Strategies

  • Course Content: Networking tips for introverts, leveraging strengths, building confidence.
  • Skills Learned: Confidence building, effective small-scale networking, leveraging written communication.

11. Advanced Networking Techniques

  • Course Content: Strategic networking, advanced communication tactics, networking at high-level events.
  • Skills Learned: Strategic planning, high-level networking, influential communication.

12. Networking through Volunteering and Community Involvement

  • Course Content: Finding volunteering opportunities, using community service for networking, balancing service and personal gain.
  • Skills Learned: Community engagement, service networking, ethical networking.

13. Using Technology to Enhance Networking

  • Course Content: Ocean Shores Networking profile, networking apps, virtual networking events, digital tools for staying connected.
  • Skills Learned: Tech-savvy networking, virtual event participation, utilizing digital tools.
Whether you are a student, professional, or an entrepreneur; these workshop classes can help further enhance your networking experiences and grow your buiness and/or lifestyle. Classes are free to members. Cost for non-members TBD.

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