It was a thrill seeing so many people at our first networking meeting who want to make a difference in each other’s lives by creating “visibility, credibility & profitability”.

After15 minutes of social time we discussed “what” a networking group means:

For our Educational Focus, we talked about The VCP Process and Power Poses. What is the VCP Process?

Stacey explained about how our body does not always differentiate stress from excitement and how it can be helpful to stretch your body before talking with others in meetings like when networking.

During our Member Education Moment each member had 60 seconds to give their name, business & tagline; Chris Burns of Olympic Axe Throwing stood up and did a yoga pose … which really lightened up the room.

Even further lightening up the room we showed a slide of Inigo Montoya and his famous movie line:

This is a perfect illustration showing the steps to networking success … lol

The next slides were explaining that it is not always what you know but who you know and how. How a membership will enhance networking and how to join Ocean Shores Networking.

Everyone got an additional 60 seconds to “Tell us something good”:

  • Have you done business with another person here?  Tell us about it!
  • Do you have a need for the service of someone in the room?  Or do you know someone who may have a need?
  • Tell us something good about the meeting today!

We received some great feedback, compliments to other business owners present and needs in referrals, and a few questions.  Skip Post of Legal Shield had a great question about how the website would be linked with Google Search. We do have the Yoast plug-in so as more blog posts are made, and more members sign up and post information about their businesses’ Yoast automatically creates metatags. This helps Google bots and associated algorithms in rating where we rank in the engine as well as other search engines.

In concluding the meeting, we talked about how the raffle will work, how it would bring recognition to each business, and how the funds generated will go back to the community.

We had 14 wonderful people attend including Pat Brooks of Brooks Embroidery, Nancy & Skip Post of Legal Shield, Lisa Sims of Elite Travel OS, Randy Castello of PNW Web Designers, Jeff Brill (curious about the new business), Sandra Heart a realtor, Chris Burns of Olympia Axe Throwing, Kate Thaete and husband with BabyQuip, Angelica Sanshompoo of Soul Revive/Holistic Healing, Rosanne Jacobs a nanny & starting a new art business, a woman who wishes to remain anonymous who was just curious about the new business, and Osiel Rivera an Edward Jones Advisor and Ambassador for GGHI.

I am thankful for the attendees & support to have a group to create visibility, credibility & profitability for Ocean Shores business owners & managers and I am grateful also to my business partner Stacey Lynn for giving a great presentation.

Our next meeting will be on July 24th from 6:00 to 7:30. The Educational Focus will be “Perfecting Your Presentation”. Meetings are no charge for members and non-members are $10.00. In August we will do “Speed Dating Networking”.


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