A Market does not mean food only; it means a gathering of people as sellers and buyers. The Ocean Shores City Market is a nice group of vendors and they would love to have more. More food vendors would be great for everyone. They would also like to have vendors who sell flowers, mushrooms, baked goods, BBQue, spices, herbs & plants, etc. A photo booth would be great too.

To be a vendor you need the following: 

1. WA state registered business with the City of Ocean Shores endorsement. However, per the admin for the Market “If you are in Direct Sales you do not need the business licenses”. Note: Direct Sales = MaryKay, Xyngular, Tupperware, L’Bri, Tastefully Simple, and other similar companies.

2. At least 2M insurance coverage for each vendor.  A possibility for insurance coverage is Act Insurance IF you don’t have coverage via your homeowner’s policy. Check your Homeowners for Personal Liability.

3. It is suggested to have a tent, table, and chairs as well as a way to display your items for sale.

With the booth rental, the city does require the vendor to have insurance. Food vendors do need a handlers card. If home-baked items, then the State of Washington requires a vendor to have a “Cottage  Food Operation Permit”.

The City Market is outside across from the convention center; held between Pacific Bank and the Aft Galley Hot Dogs on Chance a la Mer.

The City Market is managed by Ocean Shores Engaging our Community Committee which is managed by the City of Ocean Shores.

The vendor cost for a 10×10 spot is $35.00 per Saturday. To be a vendor DM Connie Clifford or stop by their booth on a Saturday.


Laura Brannon “Thank you for bringing us all together! I love having a fun market like this in Ocean Shores!”

Sandra Heart “This is such a great thing for our little town.”

Karen Washington “The Ocean Shores City Market is a great addition to our community! Thank you to everyone that made it happen and the participants!  And a special shout out to the fresh produce vendor!!!!”

Alison Burleson Cline “Thank you all for your hard work to make this happen ❤️”


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